Thursday, November 19, 2015

Eyebrow Pencil

With appropriate application, people may end up with beautiful eyebrows. Such brows will give a dramatic lift to the face of people. Just before people begin, they need to make sure that they have a pencil that will blend with their complexion. It is better to avoid dark shades, as our eyes will look like as if they are painted. Some of things that people need for eyebrow makeup are pencil, cotton bud, brow brush and mirror. People can also use brow gel if they want to. People should clean their brows before they apply the pencil. If there is excess foundation, they should remove the same using cotton that is alcohol dabbed. They should start the makeup by making 3 points in their eyebrows which are the end, the beginning and the middle. The start of eyebrows should be determined by using the pencil in the outer side of our nose. The pencil should then be pointed upwards and pass through inner side of our eyes. This point of eyebrows needs to be marked with a tiny spot.

The center or the highest point in our eyebrows will be guided by our iris. A dot should be marked outside of our iris. The last point of our brows should be marked using the pencil on the outer side of our nose. Also, this point of our brows should be marked with a small spot. Eyebrow makeup adds elegance to our face: Once people are done with the marking process, they should outline the two end points of their eyebrows with feather-like, soft strokes. People should fill in their brows with the pencil with upward motion. This should be started from the inner eyebrows of people. If people want to characterize the curve of their eyebrow, then they can add a little pressure on the strokes. After people fill in their eyebrows completely, they can polish the area by removing the smears with the help of cotton buds. They should hold the buds gently and vertically. They can then rub the smears in their eyebrows. After this, people need to take their brow brush for brushing their eyebrows to mix together the feather-like strokes. Please check my source

Follow proper makeup instruction for making your eyes glitter: If people find any sparse regions around their brows, then they can fill in the area with the Eyebrow Pencil. In this case, the eyebrows have to be brushed once again. In addition to this, people can also apply brow gel on their brows to give their brows a finishing touch. Doing so will hold their brows all through the day. Instead of using single strokes, people can opt for light, short strokes. This will let the makeup appear natural.

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